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SteelCrystal Binding Covers

  • 12mm Steel Crystal Covers

    75-100 pages, $92+Gst, Box of 50

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    Product Description

    Description: Steel Crystal Covers 12mm Black 75-100 pages
    Product Code:
    $92 + Gst

    Box of 50pcs

    Steel Crystal Covers - Covers with a strong metal spine with a crystal clear front cover and crystal clear back cover



    • Steel Crystal Cover Binds 75-100 pages
    • A4 SizeCover
    • Cover with a Strong U-Channel metal spine; which means the Steel Crystal Cover guarantees a strong bind!
    • Clear front Cover and back PVC cover that ensures you can open your document flat
    • You can edit your documents quickly and easily
    • Add & Delete Pages
    • 10 different sizes to bind from 1 to 220 pages
    • Binds in just 60 seconds
    Steel Crystal Covers are a binding covers that looks professional, are super strong and function perfectly, with the ability to open flat!

    Covers are Perfect For.

    1. Reports
    2. Product Manuals
    3. Promotional Booklets
    4. Training Manuals
    5. Accountants
    6. Real Estate Agents
    7. Financial Planners
    8. Schools
    9. Government Departments
    10. Businesses
    11. Training Organisations
    12. Etc


    Steel Crystal Cover Sizes

    Steel Crystal Covers can bind from 1 to 220 pages in 10 different sized binding covers

    Spine Size
    Page Range
    Box of Price
    1mm Steel Crystal Covers
    1-10 pages 100pcs $172+Gst
    3mm Steel Crystal Covers
    10-25 pages
    100pcs $173+Gst
    5mm Steel Crystal Covers 25-40 pages
    100pcs $174+Gst
    7mm Steel Crystal Covers 40-55 pages
    9mm Steel Crystal Covers 55-75 pages 50pcs $90+Gst
    12mm Steel Crystal Covers 75-100 pages 50pcs $92+Gst
    15mm Steel Crystal Covers 100-130 pages 25pcs $58+Gst
    18mm Steel Crystal Covers 130-160 pages 25pcs $59+Gst
    21mm Steel Crystal Covers
    160-190 pages 25pcs $60+Gst
    24mm Steel Crystal Covers 190-220 pages 25pcs $62+Gst


    Steel Crystal Covers

    Steel Crystal Covers are used all around the world for one simple fact;

    Unlike any other binding cover on the market the Steel Crystal Covers are simple to use, look great and function perfectly.

    What more do you want out of a binding cover that the steel crystal cover can't give you.

    Return Policy

    Returns Policy

    Change of Mind/ Incorrectly Ordered Goods

    Colour Presentations will accept the return of goods ordered by the consumer incorrectly under the following conditions:-

    - Items are unopened and still remain in their original packaging
    - Goods must be returned within 2 months of purchasing date as listed on the Tax Invoice
    - Goods are returned to Colour Presentations by either post or courier at customers own cost and arrive in a re-sellable condition
    - A restocking fee of $22 inc GST will apply
    - Customers will have the choice of either obtaining a credit on their account, or a refund for the goods themselves. This will be allocated after the goods have arrived back to Colour Presentations and have passed inspected. The original Delivery and Handling fee for the goods will still apply.

    Damaged or Faulty Goods

    If the goods arrive to you damaged or faulty, please call us on 1300 654 738 or email straight away. The goods in question will need to be returned to Colour Presentations for inspection within 30 Days from the purchasing date as listed on the Tax Invoice.
    If they are found to be damaged or faulty, a replacement product or refund will be offered to you.

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